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Bishop Kearney Alumni Band

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(Music is available on this website so that people can practice on their own and join us the day of the event. Family are encouraged to join us. This music is for BK Band Alumni only)

Comments after the Homecoming - 10/17/2004

What can we all say?....We waited until the absolute perfect moment to play the show of our lives! I was absolutely amazed with the quality of our presentation. It brought back so many memories, I didn't want it to end. Everything we played, from each song, to the drum solo, to the walk off street beat was as "clean" as I have
heard. The whole night felt a bit like a competition, and we came through. I would have loved to have been judged that night. I was so proud to stand by every one of you as we gave it everything we had! I heard many positive comments from a variety of people including the school president, the athletic director, the
principal, and Carm Urzetta-who admitted that he teared up during "Somewhere". We did a lot of good for Bishop Kearney High School last night. Everyone was energized. I thought it was so exciting to see the students finally understand the meaning of "Copa", our fight song. Once they figured it out, they all began
to sing the fight song whenever we played. We all sacrificed our time and worked through the pain to make this happen. I will never forget that night. I can't wait to do it all over again.

Ken McAlpin - Drumline, '73

"The band sounded GREAT and so many people put SO much time into this BKAMB. Just like the 4th, the comments we heard afterward were awesome! We are all truly looking forward to the next performance!"

Kathi Bonsignore Higgins - Twirlers, '82

"It was another special moment to cherish. And if we can get one, two or three of
the kids at the school to participate in band, it is icing on the cake! We showed
them that Kearney can be a magical place to go to school, work, or just to be a part of. I hope it's contagious!"

Joy Lipari - Drumline, '77

BK Alumni Band Update! - 10/17/2004

Bishop Kearney High School was the site of our latest event - Homecoming Day at BK. Around 50 of us marched in the parade from Irondequoit town hall to Bishop Kearney. Later that evening was the homecoming football game, where we played in the stands and also a half time show. BK scored like 6 touchdowns and every time they scored, we played Copa - the school fight song (that appearantly hasn't been used for about 10 years). It was good to see current students learn the song.

The half time show was a great success. We marched on the field and played Battle Hymn, Copa, and Hang 'Em High. Then the drumline moved up front for a drum solo, followed by Somewhere. Jim Cooper did a great job of introducing the songs and gave a little history of the band before we played each song.

To wrap up the night, many of us went to Keenan's on Ridge road for a nightcap.

Our next event right now looks like 4th of July 2005, Irondequoit, though its possible we might do another event before then like Memorial Day. Stay Tuned.


BK Alumni Band Update! - 07/14/2004

The BK Alumni Marching Band was a smash hit in the Irondequoit 4th of July Parade. We had almost 60 people marching and received Front Page coverage on both the Irondequoit Post AND the Democrat and Chronicle. In addition, we were covered by R News of Rochester and sponsored by the Eastridge Kiwanis Club.

We have been invited to 3 (paying) events in the coming months, that so far we have turned down so that we don't burn ourselves out, just as we're getting started.

There was an administrative meeting on July 12th and we have about 15 people working on the Steering Committee. Currently we are trying to fill the post of Equipment Manager - if you would like to volunteer for that please contact Tom Erb at tom@brushmfg.com.

Our next event will be the BK Home Coming Parade and Football Game October 9 at BK. Practices are scheduled for 2:00 - 5:00 at BK the following dates:

July 25, August 15, September 12, October 3


BK Alumni Band Update! - 05/17/2004

There are more than 45 people signed up as members of the Alumni Band.

Doug Kleinhans - the drum instructor during the 70's has been leading monthly practices for the drumline and they sound better than ever.

Ray Shahin has offer his services as well. Horns and Woodwinds will be holding their practices in the coming weeks..

We're still looking for group leaders for Twirlers and Color Guard.

Doug Morrow is the drumline group leader.

Tom Erb is heading up the group organization and has gotten the support of the Eastridge Kiwanis Club.

The bands' first event will be to play in the 4th of July parade in Irondequoit this year. After marching, they will play a short concert at the Kiwanis stand. They also plan to play at the BK homecoming in October.

One last note: don't worry if you're coming from out of town, we have people coming from as far away as Texas, California and the Caribbean to join us.

This is intended to be fun.

Family members are encouraged to join us.

Woodwinds Leader - Jeanne Hauser - majorfinnegan@aol.com
(and Rehearsal Instructor)

Horns Leader - Bill Graff - graffs@frontiernet.net

Twirler Leader - Kathi Higgins - kbhiggs@rochester.rr.com

Color Guard Leader - Renee Miller - reneem821@hotmail.com

Drumline Leader - Doug Morrow douglas_morrow@hotmail.com

Committee Chair - Tom Erb - tom@brushmfg.com

Recruiting - Laurie Del Conte - ldelcont@rochester.rr.com


Scheduled Events:

Sunday, May 28  5:30 PM meet at 3:30 PM at BK for Irondequoit Memorial Day parade
Saturday, June 3        2:00 PM         St. Rita’s Parade  (Tentative; this gig yet to be confirmed but save the date )



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