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  Band, Musical & Reunion Memories                                                   

The music CD's

CD #1 has albums 1 & 2 69-70 (click for listings)
CD #2 has albums 3 & 4 72-75
CD #3 has albums 5 & 6 76-82 which include highlights from previous albums as well.

They are all great. Take a look!
Note: these are CD-R’s, not commercially pressed CDs , and some older CD players will not play them well. Any player that is CD-R compatible is fine. CD-R’s are more susceptible to scratches. Please handle with care.


The Band Video VHS or DVD

The band DVD/Video is an irreplaceable memory for you and your family.
It contains 90 minutes of original 8mm movie footage from the Erb, Finnegan and Jackson families. It shows the history of the band and takes you from NYC '68 to Ireland and Italy trips and then back to NY and Ireland again. You'll see the award winning '72 State competition as well as football shows, parades and a half time performance at the Bill's game in '82. We also added the July 5th local TV new's clips and John Rafalak's reunion performance footage. “Priceless”!

The Photo CD


Contains 6 great slideshows: Band, musical, parents showtime, band history, band jam and reunion.

For more detail about these shows, click here.

Email anyone? By popular demand, we have our entire email collection included to share.
The email listing is a great resource alone, and many renewed contacts have already been made!




Post Reunion prices below for pickup at Bishop Kearney. Music CD’s available now—for others, wait for email/website to tell you when they are ready. For direct shipment to your home, please add $2 for each photo or music CD.



She will confirm charges and you can mail a check to her at 47 Seawatch Trail., Webster, NY 14580.



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