Bishop Kearney High School
Shahin Era Band & Musicals Reunion

A Big Thanks! from Kathe Kilmer, Vice Chair

The day was a blur for me!  The band jam was just such a happy surprise for me, having Ray come, and the thrill of hearing Joe and Gil and the trumpets behind me--Carolanne, I didn't know you played trumpet!   Steve with his sax near me, and the happy faces of grads from other classes, everything was GREAT. I even had 2 ”new” girls to play trombone with, thanks to the Borton sisters Claire & Celeste.  Tom Vollmer on his baritone, who unlike myself never made a single mistake, (forgetting weep no more that one time doesn’t count!).  Bill Graff and his 10 yr old son, Kim Jackson and her 8 year old daughter, and I think there were a couple other kids too.  All the flutes!  And THEN  the drums came in!  Wow!  Don't you wish you could put these moments in a bottle? They went by too fast! 
 To all of you that night I rushed by and said “hi, I'll be back”, I'm SO SORRY there wasn't more time! 
Here’s my thank you list, it doesn’t get everyone, believe me there are many, many more who helped!
First, to Ray, thanks for making the reunion just perfect by being there for us, for the band jam, for being you, and I'm sooo glad you enjoyed it!  (Sue Boden’s quote was perfect, and if you order the photo CD there will be a nice riff on that) 
Special thanks to John Rafalak our webmaster,  Bob Zogby our web assistant, scanner, and who also helped with the karaoke, a busy guy! To Robin Camardo who did our Photo CD slideshows,and much of it last minute, to Kathy Finnegan who worked soo so hard on the band video amid many setbacks, and her Dad John who  helped. And thanks to John and Bob for all the great photos as well! I can tell you there was more than one night when Robin, Kathy, and I worked into the wee hours trying to get these CDs, posters and music DVDs and tapes ready in time.
Thanks to Mary Ann Napoli McAlpin, who was there all the way with all the tickets, Ray Erb and Tom's son Mike  our database guys, lots of work there in the beginning especially,  Rick and Margaret Duncan for taking the reunion pix, they came out great!
A big big thanks to Sharyn Christo for loaning us her husband Mike Leahy who burned our CDs for us, a tremendous help that apparently caused Kodak to sell off his dept soon thereafter (just kidding)!)
Thanks to Rosemary Erb who worked with Elizabeth (Tina) Leutung and Bob Zogby on the karaoke and also volunteered to hand assemble 450 CD labels on CDs while immobile with a broken ankle!  To Elizabeth who also did the music clips for our web, that was amazing!  To Jayvee who scanned our music for the web, to Sue Boden Dodge  for coordinating the band jam, and Jeanne Hauser our secretary and band jam helper, and Ken Vorndran for helping on the database.
Thanks to Tim Prinzing and Dan Kester for getting our slideshows and movies to actually happen (and steadying my last minute nerves!), Greg Smith for coordinating parking and more, Teri McLaughlin Hunter our treasurer, and all our "chairs"--Nance Bowllan with her help with the musical programs and mailer design (her Dad helped too!), Carol M and Sharyn C for color guard, to Paul & Kathi Bonsignore, our band and twirler chairs, Tim Prinzing for stage crew, and Peg Gillen for helping with the parents.
To Art Keegan who wrote the brilliant and of course amusing copy for the CD's (don't forget to pull out the little record jackets, get a nice drink, make yourself comfy, and have a laugh reading them--hopefully you bought all 3, they are worth it for that alone!)
Of course to Dan Schwehm and Rick Barry for providing our food and drink arrangements so professionally --thank you thank you!  And Tom Calzone for the golf, and to people like Mary Kearney, who helped with the first mailer, Ann Garzynski, and many others for helping with various and sundry things.
Thanks to all the CD and poster assemblers, especially Bill Graff, Ken Vorndran and Luigi I for their extra effort with a paper cutters, including Peg Andrews, Marilyn DiP,  Ann Garzynski, Pat Conlon, Rosemary, Ada Nastasi, Jeanne Hauser & Rick & Margaret Duncan. A special thanks to Carol Warth who pulled the posters together at the end, and Kathi Bonsignore who put them up so creatively along the back walkways.  BTW, Carol just missed the band jam at the party--we almost had 5 drum majorettes up there.
Thanks to all who provided cardboard, and especially to Mike Napoli who brought cardboard precut to size and transported the posters to the reunion for us.
And thank you for all the grads who dug up albums, dusted off scrap books and donated pictures and clippings. Joanie DiP, Ada Nastasi, Carol Warth, Kathy Finnegan, Jeanne Hauser, Kim Jackson, Bill Graff, Pat Conlon, Paul and Kathi Bonsignore, Rick Duncan, JayVee, Maureen Doohan, Sue Potter and Jan Koetter. A special thanks to Ada Nastasi, Kathy Finnegan, John Rafalak, Nance Bowllan and Bob Z (again) for helping with scanning as well as digging up the pictures. Frank DiPrimo and all of you who are or will be uploading pictures to Bob or John from the reunion. And there were more that I don’t know about!
At the reunion--thanks to all those helping Mary Ann and hubby Ken McAlpin at the door with tickets & nametags & selling CDs -- Jimi Napoli, Wanda Buda, Mike & Nancy Napoli, Deb & Mike McAlpin, Mary Kearney and Dan Parker. I heard Jim Scarpulla got conscripted to sell them as well; thanks Jim! . For Bill Graff for taking the easels.
Thanks to our open house volunteers--along with the usual suspects were Wanda Buda and John Camelio. To Jeanne Hauser yet again for organizing her wind ensemble to entertain at our open house, it was very memorable. To Barb Trybulski for ordering the cookies for the open house. Thanks to John R who in addition to webmastering, went around and took lots of pictures and movies over the weekend.
And thanks for all the family members who helped at the reunion! Starting with Dave Morrow (son of Doug) who helped pass out music at the band jam like a pro, and Rick Dodge (Sue Boden’s hubby) who helped with the band jam and played a mean sax to boot. To Kerry Kulpinski (my daughter) and Julia Huson (Lisa Kilburne’s daughter) who helped with CD’s and selling refreshments at the open house. To Ada Nastasi (wife of John), as well as Evan Clements (son of Jim), Dan Molinari (son of Norah (Kilmer) & Tom, and to Colleen MacEwan (daughter of Diane Healy) for their thankless work helping with parking. To Jim Huson for scanning and clearing my flash card for me. For Rich Gardner, friend of Joanne Guarnere’s for graciously loaning his apt for out of town guests.
 To all the grads who contributed memories and such for our website to make it such a great "home" I enjoyed reading them all!  Many of you have WAAY better memories than I do.  Also, many of you walked much more on the wild side than I did; it was fun to read all the exploits.  I was definitely too boring back then to be that creative with my free time!  Thanks for sharing your stories!
Many thanks to Kim & Louis of Artisan Works for all their support of this event over and above the call of duty, and to Leah Larew for helping settle so many last minutes details".
And most importantly, to all the “contacts” who called fellow graduates, that was by far the single most important thing anyone could do to help make this reunion a success. A personal phone call not only enabled us to get emails for communications but helped make this reunion “real” to former classmates. Your time was well spent and hopefully was fun to make contact with former band or show members to boot. We know many of you spent your own money on stamps and phone calls and we are ever so grateful.
And to the rest of the team and all their contributions, large and small, they all counted and thank you so much for sharing our vision and believing in us!   I know I missed some, please forgive!   There are many of you that did things I don't even know about, and maybe Tom can fill in any big misses after he reads this.
 Finally, my biggest thanks to Tom, what a leader!  We certainly thought differently but I was constantly amazed at his drive and abilities and thoughtfulness, and all in all we made a great team.  To this day, there are things he did that I don’t even know about that that just helped make things happen. And here’s a secret—he does think about all the details too, and just ssolves them as they come, so they magically disappear as resolved.
I hope that this event inspires some of you to step forward and volunteer to do it again in a couple -- 2? 3? years, with the directory and website in place it should be a breeze, ha!  The beauty of this whole process was that, it was important enough to people from all the different classes to pitch together and believe in this, and for that, I truly believe that it was Ray Shahin's gift to us that we became a family with strong memories and a sense of accomplishment that will indeed last us a lifetime. Maybe this connection can be dusted off and revived more than just this one time—dare I say this, so many people said to me, “see you at the next one!!! “
Kathe Kilmer ‘70



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