Contains 7 great tracks

->Band slideshow: Contains over 200 slides of yearbook and personal pictures and news articles from ’67 to ’82 of the band, color guard and twirlers Added bonus is some smart remarks from various unnamed sources.
->Musical slideshow: As above for musicals
->Parents Showtime slideshow: Contains about 50 slides of program and personal pictures from parents showtimes as well as a few other similar events, like “German night”. Smart remarks may be found here also; we confess we couldn’t resist.
->Band history slideshow: from the music video. Chronicles the travels each year and other highlights. Very nice!
->Band Jam & Reunion Night slideshows – Who knows how long we will continue the website, and here we take most of the great images on the web, band and musical, clean up the pix, label them and put them in a chronological and story format. Names are researched for most of the pix. Will include all pictures but the most redundant. Will include a list of all who attended class by class, with interesting notes about where everyone traveled from, etc. For a quick example of a page from the band jam, click here!
->Email anyone? A listing of everyone’s email that we collected with their general location (local or what state/country they are in). The email listing is a great resource alone, and many friends whether they attended or not have already been happy to renew contacts.


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