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REUNION (July 5th and 6th 2003) MEMORIES



Wasn't able to make the reunion, but it was fun looking at the comments and photos on the web. Thanks!

- Greg Livadas '80

I have just spent WAY too much time going thought the Shahin Era website. What a fantastic site. You '70's kids' are so organized! Seeing 'Ma' Bonsignore was the best!  She is a wonderful woman.

Sue Smith Kitchen
Color Guard, 1979-1982

Thank you for having the guts & willpower to fight through everything (and all the doubters) and to pull off this great event.  I had a time that will not be forgotten soon.  I know many others did as well.  You, and your team, have made our personal histories better for the renewal of these people, and their spirit, once forgotten.
Chris Enos '66

What a great time Dan and I had at the reunion, fabulous idea to put this together. Hope you enjoyed yourself, you worked so hard to pull this off - and it was incredibly successful!!
The website pictures that Bob put on are great!  I am looking forward to the photoCDs!
Thanks again,

Joanie DiPaola '75 (and Dan Schwehm '76)

Wonderful web site, you have outdone yourself! I am still thinking about the great time my brother Ray and I had at the reunion. To all who made it possible, a heartfelt thank you.
I have even been inspired (band jam) to pick up the sax again, just can't decide whether to try soprano or stick with the alto. I also really enjoy listening to the CD's while driving between Vegas and Edwards, CA. I feel so fortunate to have been part of it.
Best regards,
Steve Coulombe '70

I just had to take a minute to thank you for all your work. I enjoyed every minute of the evening. I ran into Sue Kuras at a meeting Monday. As she drove through the parking lot, she had the Marching Kings on her CD player, and everyone got to hear it!

It was wonderful being with so many friends. I enjoyed seeing so many that I haven't seen in over 30 years.

Thank you for the millions of hours that you spent organizing.

Gail Schlemitz Michaels

 I could have spent days catching up with everyone and still not get below  the tip of the iceberg!  33 years is a lot of living!  ... The reunion and subsequent visits [with friends] were all very special and I am grateful to all who worked so diligently on the project.   Please extend my gratitude to them.    
Janet Koetter Oxford '70

I just wanted to say a million THANKS for all your great work on the website and pulling together that whole GIG
I am constantly impressed by the Website!
I had a great time meeting with everyone, and only wish there was more time.
I have been listening to the CDs and it has brought tears to my eyes a couple times already to hear all that.
After listening to these CDs, would like to buy another set or two for posterity, in case I scratch these up.....
SO!  Are you ready to start p[lanning the NEXT reunion>?   It was such a blast.  I would love to do it over again.  Seems so short!
Thanks again for the opportunity and all your great work.
I wish we could do this every year!
Thanks again.

LouiZe Christensen

Hope you enjoy these pics from the event (below). My compliments to all of those involved in putting this event together, the website, food, band jam, memory boards. And the location was the best and most unique. It was really super!
To all of you involved, thanks for reminding me that Ray and the band made it more than just high school.
Frank DiPrimo, '83, Drum Line
Sgt. Frank DiPrimo
Rochester Police Department

I was so sorry to have missed this! Thanks for the pictures, though. Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a shiny head! Kim Jackson, you look fantastic -- like you stepped out of a time warp. Thanks to the organizers, and for this website!
Jim Tausch '79

Jesus Christ Superstar
Bye Bye Birdie
The King & I
(and I can't remember if I was in Godspell or not!)
Jim Tausch
Creative Director
Fusion Productions
46 North Avenue
Webster, NY 14580
Office: 585-872-1900
Cell:    585-576-1666
Fax:    585-872-2014

I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed the weekend.  Saturday morning brought chills up and down my spine and tears to my eyes.  I especially enjoyed meeting the flutists and piccoloists (sp?) from later years.  There was such a feeling of kinship from our shared musical experience.  I have many new band memories to cherish.
Thanks so much for all your hard work.
Jane Caufield Flaherty

I just wanted to say THANKS for all of your great work on the reunion.  It was wonderful seeing you and the reunion was great fun.  It brought back Soooooo many great memories.  I know it had to be a labor of love for you all, but it was absolutely wonderful and I had a spectacular time.  Thanks again !
Best Regards,
Dick Mahany '71

Thank you for doing what you did, putting together that reunion. Based on the amazing turnout, it was something that definitely should have been done and frankly, I'm surprised no one else thought of it sooner. And it wasn't just the number of people who turned out, it was, well, the attitude (for lack of a better word) of the people who came. No cliques or exclusive conversation clutches; many people checked my nametag and said "Hi" to me. And the people who went to the mike and sang - they weren't smug, didn't have to be dragged up there like they probably would have at my high school reunion - Brighton. And they still sounded good. They sounded just as good as Martha and the Vandels 'still sound' - who we went to see a couple of weeks earlier. This shows me that what you guys learned in the performing musical arts at Kearney was not just musical or intellectual, but spiritual...a time of personal growth. I think a lot of you folks took it for granted, but the reunion gave you the clarity of "Hey, we really DID have something! And it's still here!"
Believe it or not, after Joanne and I finally left there and got home, we sat at the kitchen table and at 1:00 a.m. popped in one of the band's CDs we'd bought and listened to the entire thing. You guys were good enough to fill in for the Tonight Show.
I thank you even though it wasn't my school or my band, because I came away from there having seen for myself that there was/is something very very good in real life - not in the movies - and that people who are close to me were and are a part of it, and therefore so am I.  
Rich  Gardner, guest of Joanne Guarnere '70

It was a great weekend.   It was so much fun to feel 16 again and to be able to
reminisce about being part of something that was so wonderful.  Many
people spoke to me about how the band or musical productions influenced
their lives.  Several people have taken up performing as adults or are
directing children. Thank you everyone for your effort in pulling this off.
 Kathy Finnegan '76     

You all did a great job on the reunion events.  Thanks again for all your efforts to create "social capital".  I really enjoyed the evening and it was wonderful to reconnect with so many old(and young)friends.  The band sounded great and I even tried to mark time, march! 
I hope you can now take some vacation time from work, you all deserve it.  Once more, thanks to you and the committee.
Gene Oberst'67

Tom &  Kathe, and everyone on the committee  Thank you so much.  You have been an inspiration to work with.  Thank you.. both.. for making sure everyone felt welcome and valued.  These are some of the reasons alumni come back to work on Kearney events.  
 It has been my privilege to have worked with you both and to have helped make the Shahin Era reunion a success!!! 
Rosemary Erb '72

Just wanted to let you know that last nights event was great.  It seemed like everyone was having a good time, the food was great, the location was inspiring and the band jam outside was wonderful.  Your committee sould be very proud of yourselves.  Thanks for all your hard work.
Mary Ann Lacagnina Stone '68

I can't remember when I had so much fun, this last weekend. Thanks for... helping make it another very special memory from those "Glory Days".
- Doug Morrow

It was my dream come true to see all those people again.
To see those great faces after 30+ years and to hear those songs come alive again still gives me 'GooseBumps' to think about it. And to see our beloved Band Director directing with his left hand, playing his horn in the other, and to hear his anecdotes again, as the commercial says....."Priceless"

Thanks for everything...
- Sue Boden Dodge

About 300 hundred people came up to me and thanked me for allowing them the opportunity to relive their childhood. Everyone wanted to know who’s idea was it? I expressed that it was everyone’s idea and many people put a great deal of work into this event to make it happen. With respect to the financial success we achieved our goal of just breaking even but coming out just a little in the red. A special thanks has to go out to Kathy Kilmer who sweat over every detail and made sure everyone felt welcome.

- Tom Erb

The Reunion was super and I enjoyed every minute. It's not often one gets to revisit one's youth. I include myself as I was only in my 20's when teaching at BK. I know !!!! I know !!!! I've always appeared older and Jim Clements believes I was born at age 45. Tom...Thanks again to you and all of the others who made this possible.  I can only imagine how difficult establishing this Event was. Great Job !!!

- Doug Kleinhans <dgklnh1@netzero.net>

I heard nothing but RAVE reviews from everyone attending! What an absolute rush! I got to see many of my fellow thespians, Rick and Lisa, as well as pit band members and even poeple from my grammar school. The band sounded as fresh as when they played 20-30 years ago! Karaoke was a great success, once we got it out of the little room that doubled for a suana. Thanks to the entire committee for each of their efforts in making the night INCREDIBLE.  My sisters and I had a blast.

- Bob Zogby

That was a super time on Saturday. Although I was beat at the end of the night, I wouldn't have traded it for anything! It was so nice to see and talk with people with whom we've lost contact.

- Rick Duncan

Saturday was the most FUN I have had in many years.
In no particular order:
First, we drummers got to learn a new piece. (Thanks Doug!)
Second, I got to see how GOOD the people I taught became. That's not boasting because I taught them - that's appreciation of the level of the students that were there.
Third, the people who were there. As Bob Z. says, I saw people I went to Grammar School with. I also was able to talk with Doug, Guy and Ray as we never talked before. I even heard Ray admit that the Drum Line can be Special.
Fourth, Band Jam and the PERFORMANCE! Here comes a confession, Whenever I had to play in front of strangers, I was scared silly. Saturday, I had no butterflies, no problems. Why? It was family. I also surprised myself - I haven't picked up a pair of sticks in >20 years.
These are my high points,

Thanks a Million,
Jay Vee (John Vogt)



Shahin Era Reunion Photo Gallery -Bob Zogby
Shahin Era Reunion Photo Gallery -Frank DiPrimo
Shahin Era Reunion Photo Gallery -John Rafalak
Shahin Era Reunion Photo Gallery- Rick Duncan
Band Jam Photo Gallery- Rick Duncan
Band Jam Photo Gallery- Kathe Kilmer

Shahin Era Reunion Photo Gallery- Kathe Kilmer

Shahin Era Reunion Sunday Photo Gallery- Kathe Kilmer
Shahin Era Reunion Photo Gallery- Ann Garczynski Altoonian
Shahin Era Reunion Photo Gallery- John (Jay Vee) Vogt




Videos of the BANDJAM Saturday Morning

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